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24/7 Operation Info

Train information and issues at: 087-831-6008
Bus information and issues at: 087-821-3033
Book a taxi at: 0120-85-1774 or 0120-08-8856 if you are in the Shido-area

All of our services are compatible with Japanese IC cards.

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Kotoden operates 3 train lines that span over 60km to connect people with the rural areas and the city center.

Kotoden Bus operates more than 25 bus lines that link with train stations and major stops to make ordinary travel accesible and easy for everyone.

Along with out fleet of 32 taxis, we partner with other taxi companies to make sure all forms of transportation are avaliable.

Airport Limousine Bus

Sustainability Initiatives

Partnership with Local Buisnesses

Kotoden operates the Takamatsu Airport Limousine Bus, the most direct way to travel between Takamatsu Airport and Takamatsu Station..

As a company we value sustainability, along with safety and diversity, and we take initiative in the forms of the Cycle-Train program and increasing the number of women in our workforce.

We partner with many small local companies in all of our services, and by doing so, we are more sustainable and we support our small buisness and our local economy.